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Here is a comparative study of a finished large Polaroid vs the original pencil drawing;


More and more I feel like the pencil should be shown next to the pilling up finished Polaroid. There is a line that gets lost in the painting process. Which is a shame, but isn’t it un-avoidable?

I also realized, silly me, that I should always scan the finished painting before the last gloss, because even though the gloss once dry sorta makes the color deeper and nicer when I scan it there is this shine I cannot get rid off….

here is the finished Polaroid, as you can see it shines. I was happier with the overall light on this one.


And the entire original pencil drawing.


For those wondering I always start drawing with a color pencil in blue, purple or orange to block out the composition before going over it with an HB pencil. Then it’s off to the tracing table, where you usually loose the original line…

The drawing is a preserved memory of one of those warm summer night spent dancing till the sun rise, worrying about nothing but the present moment, looking at the floating lights and trying to see faces in the dark, being blind and mindless and in love.

I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music tonight and remembered how much that stuff really grabs my insides, so I’ll end up the post with the adequate lyrics excerpt from Strauss’s four last song, “At Sunset”;

We have through sorrow and joy
gone hand in hand;
From our wanderings, let’s now rest
in this quiet land.

Around us, the valleys bow
as the sun goes down.
Two larks soar upwards
dreamily into the light air.

Come close, and let them fly.
Soon it will be time for sleep.
Let’s not lose our way
in this solitude.

O vast, tranquil peace,
so deep in the evening’s glow!
How weary we are of wandering—
Is this perhaps death?

~ till next time

– D



Here’s another large 14×15″ Polaroid entitled “Fireflies” for obvious reasons.

Ever since I saw the Japanese movie Otaru no Haka I’ve been obssessed with these glowing insects. Last summer I went on my first American Road trip, I will always remember the great space, lights and mostly the night sky filled up with stars. There is nothing to make you feel more insignificant¬† than drawing your head back in the immensity of the sky.

I managed to catch only one firefly that summer. We danced and drink by the fire and it was one of the best experience in my life. Very American, I felt like I was in a Levy’s commercial.

One day I hope someone will catch me a bunch of fireflies. And we will release them and marvel at them just like in the film.



So of course when I find out about a song called Fireflies I just add it to my favorite playlist. It is also a good song by Stillcorners.

Howl in the light lost summer night
Everyone wants to dance in the firelight
The night as long as we like
All the innocents of youth in the firelight

No moon rays catch em while you can
Everyone wants to fly with the fireflies

Heads of the night, a thousand lights
Moments like these burn in the firelight
We’ll stay as long as we like
Days of our youth lost in the firelight

No moon rays catch em while you can
Everyone wants to fly with the fireflies

~till next time

– D

Here are some more Polaroids for the End of the Summer 2012. The summer went by it seem all too fast this year…

“When summer’s end is nighing
And skies at evening cloud,
I muse on change and fortune
And all the feats I vowed
When I was young and proud.

The weathercock at sunset
Would lose the slanted ray,
And I would climb the beacon
That looked to Wales away
And saw the last of day.

From hill and cloud and heaven
The hues of evening died;
Night welled through lane and hollow
And hushed the countryside,
But I had youth and pride.

And I with earth and nightfall
In converse high would stand,
Late, till the west was ashen
And darkness hard at hand,
And the eye lost the land.

The year might age, and cloudy
The lessening day might close,
But air of other summers
Breathed from beyond the snows,
And I had hope of those.

They came and were and are not
And come no more anew;
And all the years and seasons
That ever can ensue
Must now be worse and few.

So here’s an end of roaming
On eves when autumn nighs:
The ear too fondly listens
For summer’s parting sighs,
And then the heart replies.”

– AE Housman

till soon….


Here are some more Polaroids, the undercoat of Yellow came out very bright and for some reason the first words that came in my mind when I looked at them was “Gin & Tonic”

Summer is getting closer, it’s going to be a time for romance for most people. Personally my life is getting too complicated to think straight about anything… I’ll just go with the flow. Fill up my lungs with smoke and drown my heart into liquor. Trying to forget about the lonely and cold months of the winter. Trying not to think about those who mattered… We will think about the future another time.

Waking up next to someone can be nice though… that is if they’re not snoring.

till soon…

Here are more Polaroids, all done in yellow tones. I was in Europe in September and it was indeed really hot there… The weather I mean.

These were done based on some Nan Goldin Photos and some other not…. I will say nothing!
Old Europe is enchanting and relaxing compares to the crazy workaholic life I lead here in NYC. It’s always a good time for exciting little adventures…