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Here are 3 medium size Polaroids, I’m up to 343 now.

This set worked well together when I lined them up. Memories slip away one by one, but it takes time to get them all out. No matter how much you try to tell your brain not to think, or not to cry, sometimes the memories just float back in, unexpected, you don’t always know why or what triggers them. Unless you suffer from dementia and literally loose your mind and cannot remember who people are, only time make certain memories less vivid. Although they somehow become a part of you as well, they just become less oppressing. They say love is the greatest disease.  It sure is infectious like one.


We’re so focus on the present we tend to be scared of the future, and we refuse to live in the past. But we only get older, and one day you end up looking back, not forward.

The past inspires me, the present bores me unless I’m sharing it with someone significant, the future gives me hope.

till next time….


~ D



Here are a couple of Polaroids set, some Portraits and some Body parts.

the no bodies

I do portraits once in a while, it’s always hard to nail someone’s expression but I think I did a good job here. For this set I was interested in juxtaposing my 3 most recent lovers and see if I see something different about them. And I have to say it’s quite interesting… I’m obviously attracted to a specific type. What strikes me the most in the features are the eyes.

On a fun note, those three together make a PhD…. Does that mean I graduated? I sure still over-think everything. However those relations brought me to a point in my life where I know where I stand, I know what I need and won’t be so trusting nor kind anymore. It’s sad when being “too giving” becomes a burden and a source of pain. But then again I’m known for being good at making work about the feel of being lost and misunderstood. So maybe my curse as an artist is not to be able to be careless enough, but on the up side it allows me to create intimate and honest work.

BodiesI’m very happy about how these 2 turned out. When you fall asleep or awake next to your lover you always take time to gaze upon their bodies, you try to memorize every line, every beauty spot. It’s one of those rare peaceful moment where you can meditate and do not think about anything but the present moment, and the body lying next to you and how much you care about them.  At least for me.

I should do more of those body parts, they translate well the nostalgia and melancholia of lost loves.

till soon…

~ D

Here is a set where I’m pushing the boundaries a little bit. I called it “Pineapple” or “Ananas” as for the French.


Giving a “head” is one of those thing I consider the ultimate thing to do when you’re intimate with someone. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s one of those thing you can only appreciate when you truly like the person you’re being intimate with. Because it’s not only completely loosing yourself into someone, it’s giving a little piece of you to them. And it can’ be enjoyed for both part unless you are really into it.  Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to banalize sexuality and think of it as if it where… nothing more than a piece of pie. It’s not. You should value these moments and make it special. Because the truth is, it only feels amazing, when you feel comfortable with it, and to get to that level of comfort, in all honesty, you need trust. And that’s one of the hardest thing to give/get. Think about it. And it’s the same thing the other way around. For a guy to feel easy enough to spend time “down” on you and, you, actually enjoying it, takes a strange mix of desire, trust, and love.

I’ll close on that song that got all of us horny… Crazy on You.

till next time.

~ D

I started reading that book called “The sociopath next door” which made me ponder about certain existentialist questions….

About one in twenty five individuals are believed to be “Sociopaths”, meaning that they are depraved of a conscience. They distinguish the difference between “good” and “Evil” but cannot limit themselves on account that they are incapable to process any emotions. When they fake emotions it’s usually for self-centered aims.

Why should we have a conscience? Would society crumble if nobody cared about each other and was completely emotionless? Sounds like a robotic world to me where everybody would do mechanically what they are told to do….
What really defines right from wrong? Morals? Religion?
Why should we listen to them?

I think human being need to connect with one another, without the boundaries with another human being, your “self” cannot exist. Because we only are the mere reflection of the person in front of us. We feel the need to exist through them. We should be aware of each other and the impact we have on our surrounding.
Just like Sartre explained on Existentialism, because we are free to be our own master and create our own values doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware of our surrounding, ON THE CONTRARY. “The loss of external value allows us to get value from within ourselves, a value that is greater because it cannot be taken away by external forces.” — “In choosing our own nature we must choose human nature for all humanity. In order to act freely, we must not let our action be determined by any of our particular desires or interests. We must act as any free agent would act, hence we must act as we would like other people to act.”
A lot of guys mistake being existentialist for “doing whatever the hell I want” whereas a true Existentialist is actually a RESPONSIBLE human being and a sort of philanthropist.

Chances are, you know several “sociopaths” but cannot bring yourself to think they are completely void of emotions. They’re your friends, your lover, your parents! And nothing will change them. Sociopath usually have a overwhelming self-esteem that makes them never question the fact that they behave inappropriately or with a lack of interest toward one’s welfare.

Now, I feel The term sociopath has been very fashionable these days, and on the account that somebody is simply acting like a selfish prick we’re going to label him/her as a “sociopath”.
Truth is, we live in a society that became much more individualist, cynical and selfish. And people are confused about how they should process their emotions. When it comes to relationship more and more people seem to look for specific “qualities” rather than trusting their instincts or emotions because “Love” seems to be an overrated and nonobjective feeling.

We certainly accused some of our lovers to be “sociopaths” on the simple account that they were acting like jerks. Fact is they are who they are and we shouldn’t waste time with people who make us feel unworthy of their time and attention.

If you think you know a sociopath take a look at these funny characteristics, I sure had a good laugh. I can think of at least three people I know who correspond to the profile! Maybe they should just call it the “asshole syndrome”. And there is no known cure for that!

till soon…