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I reached 350 Polaroids, after the last post I felt I was done with the Polaroids series. Here is the last Polaroid #350.


I was trying to grasp that peculiar moment that happened last summer, when the person you  love finally let go of their doubts and fears and take a risk to tell you how they feel. It’s always hard to be true to your feelings, understand them, and even more, express them. It can be so hard sometimes to let the words out because you’re so scared of the person reaction. Or you’re self conscious about the consequences of those words. But when the fear is gone, there is just that incredible sense of unique completion, complicity and warm, that only someone you truly love can give you.


I actually cried a lot when I was done drawing those two. I feel at the end of my rope when it comes to the Polaroids. I’ve been doing all these as a sort of outlet for my sorrow, and it allowed me to capture moments that won’t pain me so strongly in a year from now. I’m therefore glad I managed to capture them. But I’d like to not feel the need to do them anymore. And I thought those were a perfect way to end it.

I know I could do another 50 and have 400… But as of now, I’d like to focus on getting all these in galleries, the 350 are meant to be shown and sold as ONE unique piece and I have a body of work important enough that now I feel the need to get it out there and try to sell it. I’m currently working on making limited lifesized print of a collage of all the polaroids.

I’m a little sad it’s the end of an era, 3 years, almost 4, working on this series. But I’m excited about the next stage.


Now it doesn’t mean the end of Love’s a Bitch. Just the Polaroids. I’m thinking of taking things into a new direction. I’m starting working on a new project called “Love at War” which seems a logical route. It’s an idea for an epic animated tale, for all audience. But I’m thinking of making “deleted scenes” where we could see the two main characters get intimate. What if cartoon characters had sex? I always wondered… I’m sure there is porn out there available for that but I’d like to keep it erotic and just more about love than “just” about sex.

till next time….




Here are a couple of larger scale Polaroids. Pushing a little the graphic on that first one. I recently read that blog about how people we come to love eventually become strangers. Not because we forget about them but because we decide to make them stranger to our life. It’s sad how someone you were so close to indeed suddenly becomes a stranger, the connection you once share becomes nothing but a memory. We live our lives knowing that the person you once love has become nothing but another lost face in the crowd. When in fact you use to know them on a deeper level than any of their friends. The vision you have of a person within the confine bedroom is very different from when you are outside socializing. Uncovering a person in the intimacy can be scary, for some people it’s hard to let the other in, but when you’re comfortable you really do come to see them under a very unique light. And that knowledge will never be lost.

On another note, I’m also considering more and more starting to work on a music video for Love is A Bitch and do a nice animated piece using the Polaroids. I still have to find a technique I’m happy with thought.

Orgasm Don't take it off

I’m tired so I’ll close this on a Verlaine’s poem;

Memory with Twilight glows
And trembles on the fiery horizon
Of burning Hope that shrinks and grows
Like some mysterious partition
Where the flowers in profusion
– Dahlias, lilies, tulips and marigolds –
Fly round a trellis in their circulation
Among the heady exhalation
Of heavy perfumes, whose warm poison
– Dahlias, lilies, tulips and marigolds –
Drowning my senses, soul and reason,
Mingles in their immense confusion
Memory with Twilight’s glows.

Till soon…

~ D

Here is the second largest Polaroid I’ve ever made, it’s 18 by 24″, I actually couldn’t scan it all. It’s Called “party Life” after that song from the Mighty Hannibal. It was inspired by one of those endless night in Brooklyn in August 2013.

Party Life

I’m slightly agoraphobic so I get anxious when I end up in a crowd with less and less space to move around. I need to grab on whomever I’m with to reassure myself I won’t be swallowed by the wave of people around me. I’ve been able to control it but sometimes it’s really hard. If I don’t loose myself dancing, which is hard if there is a lack of space, I just stand there and look around. As a French proverb says “La nuit tous les chats sont gris” (at night all cats are grey); night scene is interesting and sometimes surreal when you look at it with an outsider’s eye. Everybody is hiding in the dark, faces becomes homogeneous, it’s sometimes suffocating and claustrophobic.

When I see someone I actually know and recognize while I’m lost in the dark is for for me a relief that overwhelms me like an awesome wave. Being in those places sometimes requires to go in as a pack of wild animals watching for each other’s back. Plus being a lone woman in a club is never good nor recommended, you feel like a lamb surrounded by hungry wolves.

More large and small Polaroids coming soon….

till next time


Here is another larger Illustration entitled “Opium, 9×12”.

They say Love can be as addictive as a drug. It impairs your judgment and reason, it provokes physical reactions you wouldn’t experience in normal times and it makes you dependent, vulnerable. It’s an intoxicating feeling, the passionated rush makes you feel ecstatic for a short period of time, while when the object of your love is missing it provokes great pain, as if one of your limbs was tore off. Just like a drug addiction you feel the desperate need to get more and more of that intoxicating embrace…
My characters seem to share the same addiction, they breath in each other’s soul, maybe until they both completely dry out. Or until they run out of Opium…

I’m just trying to be poetic…

I’ll wrap up on a little piece of Poe’s poem…

“Perhaps it may be that my mind is wrought
To a fever by the moonbeam that hangs o’er,
But I will half believe that wild light fraught
With more of sovereignty than ancient lore
Hath ever told – or is it of a thought
The unembodied essence, and no more
That with a quickening spell doth o’er us pass
As dew of the night time, o’er the summer grass?
Doth o’er us pass, when as th’ expanding eye
To the loved object – so the tear to the lid
Will start, which lately slept in apathy?
And yet it need not be – (that object) hid
From us in life – but common – which doth lie
Each hour before us – but then only bid
With a strange sound, as of a harpstring broken
T’ awake us – ‘Tis a symbol and a token -”

Till soon…
– D

It’s sometimes easier to be rough and careless than to let yourself go into actual tenderness. Maybe out of fear to get hurt? Truth is, life is about taking risks. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not. But we couldn’t go through life and expect to find happiness if we weren’t doing anything to try and reach it.

Some people make you happy, some make you sad, some make you mad. Some people make you feel all at once!

I worked on these Polaroids as snapshots and gave them a little bit of animation. I might do a few more set like these…

Till soon…
– D

Here is another set of 4 in Yellow tones that could go along with my previous post but I wanted to tell a bit more about those…

I disposed it in such a way it looks like the guy on the lower left is looking or remembering what happened to him last night.

Some people provoke an incredible carnal desire within you, even when you’ve lost their sight for years. When you happen to be in the same room you’re back to that same sexual tension you had when you first met them. And that’s a whole lot of FUN! It’s a torturing fun but then again sometimes you get pleasure out of pain. I know that in these situations I get a pain in my stomach that usually prevents me from eating anything… I lose appetite and I can’t sleep well. It’s a good and bad feeling at once,

When a so called “friend” becomes the object of your desire it’s awfully confusing. Not that the person becomes “an object” but this is what dissociate them from friends; you usually do not desire you friends. You forget about everyone the time of a crazy little adventure you wish that you could prolongate in indefinite time… But then without a “deadline” that forces you to consume with avidity every minute as if it were the last one it wouldn’t be as bold, passionated and exciting. Or would it?! Something to think about…

Ah… have a good Sunday my sweets!