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We’re only 20 once, and looking back, I understand why they say it’s one of the best time of your life. You’re full of hope about your future, there are tons of wonderful experiences ahead of you that you cannot even imagine. I wish we never lost that childlike sense of wonder we have when we’re 20. For most of us, it’s a time we haven’t been corrupted yet, it’s a time where we’re still naive and only at the entrance of that maze called adulthood.

A young friend of mine asked me if I could add him to the series. He’s a beautiful and kind hearted young man, he’s like a little ray of sunshine everywhere he goes. I hope he never looses that sweetness. Unfortunately with age and bad experiences, life can turn that sweetness into bitterness. Life is never as easy as we imagine it’s going to be when we’re 20. There will be joy, there will be pain, but ultimately it builds you into the person you are. Your core will never change. But experience will make you different in many ways.

I’m 29 now, and when I think of me in my 20’s,  I smile and can’t believe how much I’ve changed. I’ve always been a mature and a goal driven person,  but I used to be so much more easily offended and naive back then.  I think I changed the most when I was between 23 and 25. Lots can happen in a year or two. The years go by fast, and if I can give one piece of advice, it would be; “Make it count”. Use your time wisely, because the energy  and passion we have at that age is pretty unique. When comes failures and disappointments along with successes we set for ourselves, it becomes harder and harder to put that incredible energy into everything we do.

So to my young friends I’ll say this; live, work as hard ans you can, but enjoy every moment, even the tough ones, one day you will look back on them and smile. Because you will have learnt so much from it. Love as much as you heart can carry, there is no reason to hold back when we’re young and far from any obligation of settlement. And even though that’s something I wish never had to change. Eventually society’s forces up to ask ourselves these stupid questions once we reach a certain point in our lives; “Am I ready for a lifetime with that person? Do I make enough money to have a family? Am I ready for this?”

I wish we never let our young idealism go, when we love and do things with spontaneity, without care for the future. I think we should never let it burden us. Of course we need to be responsible and being ingenue doesn’t mean you can act selfishly all your life.

When I was 20 I used to be very annoyed with people my age. Now I look at them with a motherly affection and much more patience than I had even a couple years ago. I can excuse a lot from someone in his early 20’s. They’re still children in my eyes on so many levels. But I’m no so forgiving with people in their 30’s. Ironically we live in a society were most men are nothing but 35 years old boys.


There is that wonderful French song that defines perfectly what it’s like to be when you’re 20. I remember when I listen to it back then I didn’t really understood the words, not as clear as I see them now as a 29 year old adult.

“For all burden, you have twenty years behind you.
When you Love, it’s for a Lifetime
That Life that last the time of a cry

When you love it’s till Death
You often die, then you go out
You go smoke a cigarette
Love you take it, and then you junk it”

I feel like I died many times in the past 10 years, we are reborn every year with each new experience. With a new outlook on life, with great joy, and great pain. We learn to be alone. With time, everything fades, it’s perfectly ok and fine. But That’s why it’s so important to seize these moments and never be afraid of taking risks, especially with your emotions. Because all can be gone so abruptly. Everything will be gone eventually.

With time, the faces, the tenderness, the bitterness, the excruciating pain, the laughs, the tears… with time they all dissipate, and everything becomes fine…

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I have been busy with another project. I’m not giving up on the Polaroids though, I’d like to do more on my down time. Here are a couple I did not post back then. I actually animated one of them, maybe I’ll show that to you next time…

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Here are some more Polaroids for the End of the Summer 2012. The summer went by it seem all too fast this year…

“When summer’s end is nighing
And skies at evening cloud,
I muse on change and fortune
And all the feats I vowed
When I was young and proud.

The weathercock at sunset
Would lose the slanted ray,
And I would climb the beacon
That looked to Wales away
And saw the last of day.

From hill and cloud and heaven
The hues of evening died;
Night welled through lane and hollow
And hushed the countryside,
But I had youth and pride.

And I with earth and nightfall
In converse high would stand,
Late, till the west was ashen
And darkness hard at hand,
And the eye lost the land.

The year might age, and cloudy
The lessening day might close,
But air of other summers
Breathed from beyond the snows,
And I had hope of those.

They came and were and are not
And come no more anew;
And all the years and seasons
That ever can ensue
Must now be worse and few.

So here’s an end of roaming
On eves when autumn nighs:
The ear too fondly listens
For summer’s parting sighs,
And then the heart replies.”

– AE Housman

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Here is a sneak peak at some new Polaroids I’ve been working on. I’ve been busy with another project and I didn’t get around it in a while…

[…] “The way the moon dashes through the clouds that blow
Loosely as cannon-smoke to stand apart
(Stone-coloured light sharpening the roofs below)

High and preposterous and separate–
Lozenge of love! Medallion of art!
O wolves of memory! Immensements! No,” […]

Philip Larkin


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I started reading that book called “The sociopath next door” which made me ponder about certain existentialist questions….

About one in twenty five individuals are believed to be “Sociopaths”, meaning that they are depraved of a conscience. They distinguish the difference between “good” and “Evil” but cannot limit themselves on account that they are incapable to process any emotions. When they fake emotions it’s usually for self-centered aims.

Why should we have a conscience? Would society crumble if nobody cared about each other and was completely emotionless? Sounds like a robotic world to me where everybody would do mechanically what they are told to do….
What really defines right from wrong? Morals? Religion?
Why should we listen to them?

I think human being need to connect with one another, without the boundaries with another human being, your “self” cannot exist. Because we only are the mere reflection of the person in front of us. We feel the need to exist through them. We should be aware of each other and the impact we have on our surrounding.
Just like Sartre explained on Existentialism, because we are free to be our own master and create our own values doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware of our surrounding, ON THE CONTRARY. “The loss of external value allows us to get value from within ourselves, a value that is greater because it cannot be taken away by external forces.” — “In choosing our own nature we must choose human nature for all humanity. In order to act freely, we must not let our action be determined by any of our particular desires or interests. We must act as any free agent would act, hence we must act as we would like other people to act.”
A lot of guys mistake being existentialist for “doing whatever the hell I want” whereas a true Existentialist is actually a RESPONSIBLE human being and a sort of philanthropist.

Chances are, you know several “sociopaths” but cannot bring yourself to think they are completely void of emotions. They’re your friends, your lover, your parents! And nothing will change them. Sociopath usually have a overwhelming self-esteem that makes them never question the fact that they behave inappropriately or with a lack of interest toward one’s welfare.

Now, I feel The term sociopath has been very fashionable these days, and on the account that somebody is simply acting like a selfish prick we’re going to label him/her as a “sociopath”.
Truth is, we live in a society that became much more individualist, cynical and selfish. And people are confused about how they should process their emotions. When it comes to relationship more and more people seem to look for specific “qualities” rather than trusting their instincts or emotions because “Love” seems to be an overrated and nonobjective feeling.

We certainly accused some of our lovers to be “sociopaths” on the simple account that they were acting like jerks. Fact is they are who they are and we shouldn’t waste time with people who make us feel unworthy of their time and attention.

If you think you know a sociopath take a look at these funny characteristics, I sure had a good laugh. I can think of at least three people I know who correspond to the profile! Maybe they should just call it the “asshole syndrome”. And there is no known cure for that!

till soon…

Here is another larger Illustration entitled “Opium, 9×12”.

They say Love can be as addictive as a drug. It impairs your judgment and reason, it provokes physical reactions you wouldn’t experience in normal times and it makes you dependent, vulnerable. It’s an intoxicating feeling, the passionated rush makes you feel ecstatic for a short period of time, while when the object of your love is missing it provokes great pain, as if one of your limbs was tore off. Just like a drug addiction you feel the desperate need to get more and more of that intoxicating embrace…
My characters seem to share the same addiction, they breath in each other’s soul, maybe until they both completely dry out. Or until they run out of Opium…

I’m just trying to be poetic…

I’ll wrap up on a little piece of Poe’s poem…

“Perhaps it may be that my mind is wrought
To a fever by the moonbeam that hangs o’er,
But I will half believe that wild light fraught
With more of sovereignty than ancient lore
Hath ever told – or is it of a thought
The unembodied essence, and no more
That with a quickening spell doth o’er us pass
As dew of the night time, o’er the summer grass?
Doth o’er us pass, when as th’ expanding eye
To the loved object – so the tear to the lid
Will start, which lately slept in apathy?
And yet it need not be – (that object) hid
From us in life – but common – which doth lie
Each hour before us – but then only bid
With a strange sound, as of a harpstring broken
T’ awake us – ‘Tis a symbol and a token -”

Till soon…
– D

I have now a little over 200 Polaroids, ain’t that sweet? I started the series over a year ago now. The purpose of the series has always been to make as much as possible so they could fill up an entire wall…. The Polaroids work on their own or by small set, but when they all come together it becomes something new… It shall be like a waterfall of memories and fantasies! A dream within a dream…

Here is the official Polaroid N°200.

Here’s a contribution from one of my favorite author; Edgar Allan Poe…

“Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow-
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand-

How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep- while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?”

Till soon…