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I reached 350 Polaroids, after the last post I felt I was done with the Polaroids series. Here is the last Polaroid #350.


I was trying to grasp that peculiar moment that happened last summer, when the person you  love finally let go of their doubts and fears and take a risk to tell you how they feel. It’s always hard to be true to your feelings, understand them, and even more, express them. It can be so hard sometimes to let the words out because you’re so scared of the person reaction. Or you’re self conscious about the consequences of those words. But when the fear is gone, there is just that incredible sense of unique completion, complicity and warm, that only someone you truly love can give you.


I actually cried a lot when I was done drawing those two. I feel at the end of my rope when it comes to the Polaroids. I’ve been doing all these as a sort of outlet for my sorrow, and it allowed me to capture moments that won’t pain me so strongly in a year from now. I’m therefore glad I managed to capture them. But I’d like to not feel the need to do them anymore. And I thought those were a perfect way to end it.

I know I could do another 50 and have 400… But as of now, I’d like to focus on getting all these in galleries, the 350 are meant to be shown and sold as ONE unique piece and I have a body of work important enough that now I feel the need to get it out there and try to sell it. I’m currently working on making limited lifesized print of a collage of all the polaroids.

I’m a little sad it’s the end of an era, 3 years, almost 4, working on this series. But I’m excited about the next stage.


Now it doesn’t mean the end of Love’s a Bitch. Just the Polaroids. I’m thinking of taking things into a new direction. I’m starting working on a new project called “Love at War” which seems a logical route. It’s an idea for an epic animated tale, for all audience. But I’m thinking of making “deleted scenes” where we could see the two main characters get intimate. What if cartoon characters had sex? I always wondered… I’m sure there is porn out there available for that but I’d like to keep it erotic and just more about love than “just” about sex.

till next time….




Here is a large 11 by 15″ Polaroid and a series of snapshot of regular sized Polaroids.

I’ve been reflecting about the gender issues recently and dynamics in relationship.

Our culture made us believe in the prince charming, but what about the princess charming? Male is always on top of things, and ironically when he encounters a woman who meets all the standards he could dream for, if she happens to be more than he can actually bring himself to be, the man feels emasculated. Now that seems unfair to me. If a woman meets a man who’s talented, beautiful, rich and in love with her (to simplify), that’s perfect. If it’s the other way around, the man feels like he needs to compete with the woman and must if not equal her, surpass her. It’s hard to accept the change of dynamics. And a man who is earning less than his partner still feels inadequate next to her. The men who accept it tends to be opportunists, or gigolos (or labeled as such). But it shouldn’t have to be. Financial status shouldn’t be important in a relationship. But is the world really ready for a dynamic where women earn the money and the men help at home with the kids? Women became independent, but there are more single women raising kids on their own than ever. It seems it just made some men more self centered and confused. Women don’t need them anymore for financial support, so what is their place? Where can they feel important? Why not see your partner success as your success and simply bring yourself up?

Young people often forget relationships come with up and downs, and one person complete the other on certain things they wouldn’t be able to achieve by themselves. It’s in hardship you can build yourself, and if someone can be on your side to support you by simply being there for you, then it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, the youth tends to focus on the unimportant, and the self.

Love is about caring for someone more than yourself, not impress them with what you have. Love is to appreciate what they give you and give back any way you can. Caring for what they truly are, not what they represent.

Last Shot

These snapshots type give nice movement to a sequence. More of those to come…


Some people will stick with you forever as a fond or disappointing memory. But there is nothing like sorrow to get fueled with inspiration. It’s usually in the darkest, or brightest moments you find emotions strong enough to sing with your very own voice.

I’ll close on an extract from the Black Prince;

There is nothing quite like the dead dull feel of a failed marriage. Nor is there anything like one’s hatred for an ex-spouse. (How can such a person dare to be happy?) I cannot credit those who speak of ‘friendship’ in such a context. I lived in years with a sense of things irrevocably soiled and spoiled, it could give suddenly such a sad feel to the world sometimes. I could not liberate myself from her mind. This had nothing to do with love. Those who have suffered these sort of bondage will understand. […]  Out of sigh out of mind is a charter of human survival. Not so Christian, she was ubiquitous: her consciousness was rapacious, her thoughts could damage, passing like noxious rays through space and time. Her remarks were memorable. Only good old America cured her for me in the end. I put her away with a tedious man in a tedious and very distant town and was able to feel that she had died. What a relief!

~ Iris Murdoch – The Black Prince (1975)

till soon~

D –

Here is one of my latest Illustration, larger format (11×17″) entitled Thanatos. Today’s post features some poems extracts from Phillip Larkin on Eros and Thanatos; Love and Death.

Thanatos, in Greek mythology, was a personification of death. The brother of sleep, his touch was gentle unlike his blood craving sisters the Keres, responsible for slaughters and plagues. Again women always have the bad role! We blood thirsty creatures …

Now, I’d like to think of the girl on the drawing as Thanatos and the boy as Eros. Love and Death can be closely related as I developed it in a older post. The fear of loss, the fear of death, the lure of death. Love cannot exist without Death, they are both frightening but they’re a natural part of any human life. How ironic is it that “little death” (Petite mort) is a nickname for orgasm in French language?

Love is trying to conquer Death, but if her touch puts Eros in a infinite sleep, she can only let him embrace her. Immobile, she’s fighting her desire to love him back.
I really do like impossible love stories…

The cynical Phillip Larkin wrote some poems on Thanatos and Eros;

“We should be careful
Of each other, we should be kind
While there is still time […]

The stone fidelity
They hardly meant has come to be
Their final blazon… [..]

Pour away that youth…
Walk with the dead
For fear of death [..]

What will survive of us is love”

I really like that last part.
Till soon

I was recently really moved by a song from Bjork’s latest album which urge the listener to recognize the sacrifice made by women for the sake of Love.
It seems biology compels females to sacrifice; to protect their young, their lover… Women sacrifice a lot out of love, sometimes even their pride and dignity…

Where is the line between dominant and dominated? When do you lose respect for your partner? Why? Being submitted to your love’s desires can be very conflicting. The fear to loose the respect from your Lover is frightening.
Women had to be submissive to men’s will for centuries. And even today the freedom we gain remain very fragile. How many times do women have to take insults, demeaning remarks etc… from their partners and just take them in. Men don’t even realize how hurtful they can be, they just instinctively want to be the “dominant” one.

I strongly believe in mutual respect but it’s been proven challenging to obtain…

Some people are capable to make great sacrifices out of love, some people are not.
Being capable of sharing intimacy and thinking of someone other than yourself is a great challenge for some… while natural for others.

Women give a lot, they are capable of lowering their pride out of Love. They give, they follow around, they dedicate themselves entirely just to get a minimum of appreciation from their lover.
Some people just aren’t worth the sacrifice…

Here is the song. The Lyrics say it all…

“Why can’t you give her room?
Respect her spatial needs.
I feel you compress her
Into a small space.

With clairvoyance,
She knew what you needed,
And she gave it to you.
Now her desires are repressed
Arrows in the flesh

When she found your love,
Her nature bowed her head
She surrendered,
She renounced the world for you,
Now she’s poisoned by demands
You cannot answer.

Why this sacrifice?
Now she regrets the whole thing,
A delayed reaction
When she left her craft voluntarily
For your nest, for your love.
Did you understand?

Build a bridge to her.
Initiate a touch
Before it’s too late,
Say the words to her
That will make her shine.

Tell her that you love her.

Your generosity will show
In the volume of her glow.”

till soon…

Here is a Sample of some of the latest Polaroids, all made in a slate blue tone… I love that color. Slate blue is a warm blue, which is paradoxical for a cold color. I long for warmth in these arch winter times…

Blue slate reminds me of the summer time on this winter day.

“Vertigo; (from the Latin vertō “a whirling or spinning movement”) is a type of dizziness, where there is a feeling of motion when one is stationary. The symptoms are due to a dysfunction of the vestibular system in the inner ear. It is often associated with nausea and vomiting as well as difficulties standing or walking. There are three types of vertigo: objective; subjects, are moving around the patient. subjective; patient feels as if moving himself. Pseudovertigo; intensive sensation of rotation inside the patient’s head.”

There is a feeling of Vertigo taking over us sometimes when we’re being hold by someone we care about. The ground seems to open under your feet and you get the feeling you’re falling into a void. You’re filled up with doubts and questions you’re too scared to ask. It makes your head spin. Some of us maybe enjoy to much the darkness of it all, the thrill of the unknown… The excitement of uncertainty…
Human being are complicated.

till soon…

It’s sometimes easier to be rough and careless than to let yourself go into actual tenderness. Maybe out of fear to get hurt? Truth is, life is about taking risks. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not. But we couldn’t go through life and expect to find happiness if we weren’t doing anything to try and reach it.

Some people make you happy, some make you sad, some make you mad. Some people make you feel all at once!

I worked on these Polaroids as snapshots and gave them a little bit of animation. I might do a few more set like these…

Till soon…
– D

Here is the latest illustration for LIAB; “Deep in the Snow”. It’s cold out there and all I want to do is stay in and paint… Today’s post will have special contributions from  Ashok Nayar.


“As the first flowers begin to bloom, and the sky begins to clear, I find myself musing on one of life’s most irrational of pursuits. Love. For what would man be without such a pursuit? The fulfillment of life comes with the completion of love, and the self-reflection of oneself in another. It is often the inherent insecurity of man that leads us to find humility in the most abstract feelings this obscure world has to offer. {…} For while love may be the greatest gift given to man, it is also, truly, our greatest sin.”

_ Ashok Nayar; “the Clarity of the Dark Night”.

Till soon!