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I reached 350 Polaroids, after the last post I felt I was done with the Polaroids series. Here is the last Polaroid #350.


I was trying to grasp that peculiar moment that happened last summer, when the person you  love finally let go of their doubts and fears and take a risk to tell you how they feel. It’s always hard to be true to your feelings, understand them, and even more, express them. It can be so hard sometimes to let the words out because you’re so scared of the person reaction. Or you’re self conscious about the consequences of those words. But when the fear is gone, there is just that incredible sense of unique completion, complicity and warm, that only someone you truly love can give you.


I actually cried a lot when I was done drawing those two. I feel at the end of my rope when it comes to the Polaroids. I’ve been doing all these as a sort of outlet for my sorrow, and it allowed me to capture moments that won’t pain me so strongly in a year from now. I’m therefore glad I managed to capture them. But I’d like to not feel the need to do them anymore. And I thought those were a perfect way to end it.

I know I could do another 50 and have 400… But as of now, I’d like to focus on getting all these in galleries, the 350 are meant to be shown and sold as ONE unique piece and I have a body of work important enough that now I feel the need to get it out there and try to sell it. I’m currently working on making limited lifesized print of a collage of all the polaroids.

I’m a little sad it’s the end of an era, 3 years, almost 4, working on this series. But I’m excited about the next stage.


Now it doesn’t mean the end of Love’s a Bitch. Just the Polaroids. I’m thinking of taking things into a new direction. I’m starting working on a new project called “Love at War” which seems a logical route. It’s an idea for an epic animated tale, for all audience. But I’m thinking of making “deleted scenes” where we could see the two main characters get intimate. What if cartoon characters had sex? I always wondered… I’m sure there is porn out there available for that but I’d like to keep it erotic and just more about love than “just” about sex.

till next time….




It’s sometimes easier to be rough and careless than to let yourself go into actual tenderness. Maybe out of fear to get hurt? Truth is, life is about taking risks. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not. But we couldn’t go through life and expect to find happiness if we weren’t doing anything to try and reach it.

Some people make you happy, some make you sad, some make you mad. Some people make you feel all at once!

I worked on these Polaroids as snapshots and gave them a little bit of animation. I might do a few more set like these…

Till soon…
– D

I realized I forgot to post about an animation I did a few months ago of one of the Polaroid series. I’m an animator and I see moving pictures in my head constantly. Usually triggered by music I listen to. In this post I wanted to talk a little about the process.

Originally, I wanted to do a “animation test” because I wasn’t sure how to go with it. The drawings are complex and animating them was therefore going to be challenging. But I really wanted to see what it would look like to have one of the Polaroid come to life. They would be very subtle; an eye blink here, a smile there, that kind of thing…

So first I picked one of my favorite Polaroid, also because it’s one that I knew had the most exploitable movement in it.

Polaroid N127

So I traced over it in Flash and started drawing, frame by frame, the movement desired.

It took about 2 weeks of on and off work (I was sick to look at it by then!), and no less than 100 frames. The details of the characters made it more time consuming to animate. A bit like that rotoscope I did a year back. This is the end result;

We can’t see it but I actually did the outline with different colors (dark red for the hair, dark pink for skin etc…).

I was happy with the movement, which is really smooth, however I wasn’t satisfied with the texture at all. Applying watercolor texture on these frames is possible but would be too time consuming, and it wouldn’t be the same as when I pain them by hand. It would just be “adding texture” after all…

I was told many times before that it would be great to animate my actual watercolors, however watercolor animation is difficult as you can never have the exact same thing on each frame, in short you don’t have much control over it, resulting in a jittery felling. But you can make something very subtle using less frames and dissolving them into one another. So I figured I’d try something new;

I draw on traditional animation bond paper 3 KEYFRAMES that I will trace and paint just like all the other Polaroid I made so far, only this time it looks like 3 snapshots that have been taken one after the other. Once colored I’ll do a test on the computer, melting the frame into one another and a loop. I cannot wait to see the result. I’ve never done this before so it is an experiment but from what I studied in school, this should be nice. Here are the pencil drawings on animation paper.

till next time…
bisous ❤

It’s November First and here are some new sensual Polaroids, made especially for you.


We are feeling festive as we are entering Thanksgiving period and Xmass is right around the corner. These Polaroids were worked on as a set of 2 (Obviously) but could stand on there own. Either the lucky guy found twin sisters or they actually are the same person at a different period in time. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Time is a notion I like to explore in the project since it is often stretched out in order to realize our fantasies…
Passion, affection and tenderness rise from melancholia and nostalgia.

These next ones are entitled “Undressed” for obvious reason.


Some were based on Memory some other on Nan Goldin Pictures or Sculptures saw at the Museum. The source of my inspiration is vast! Whatever I can steal I take with pleasure…. I reinterpret the piece and make it my own.

till soon!