Fall Asleep

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Erotic Series
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Here are some more Polaroids, I always like to do series on sleeping positions. Or the octopus grip, as I affectionately call it.  Sometimes it’s the simple things that make you the most happy. Snuggling in the morning, holding hands in the streets, sharing a late ride on the train. Unfortunately lots of people overlook these moments and can never find happiness in the little things that are sometimes so simple to give.

snuggle in Purple snuggle in Blue

It’s getting late and I’m getting sleepy so I’ll close on a Verlaine’s poem;

          (Poèmes Saturniens: Mélancholia V)


              For the wars of love a field of feathers’



With sweetness, with sweetness, with sweetness!

Calm this feverish rapture a little, my charmer.

Even at its height, you see, sometimes, a lover

Needs the quiet forgetfulness of a sister.


Be languid: make your caresses sleep-bringers,

Like your cradling gazes and your sighs.

Ah, the jealous embrace, the obsessive spasm,

Aren’t worth a deep kiss, even one that lies!


But you say to me, child: in your dear heart of gold

Wild desire goes sounding her cry.

Let her trumpet away, she’s far too bold!


Put your brow to my brow, your hand on my hand,

Make me those promises you’ll break by and by,

Let’s weep till the dawn, my little firebrand!


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