Here’s a set of 4, getting very close to 200 Polaroids!!! I added some more sci-fi element to these… I find it gives more to it.

Wicked Games

Women have always been stigmatized as “sorceress” or “Evil witches”. Women have been hunt down, tortured, for being “possessed” even beyond the XVII Century… Women have been closely associate with the Devil for they are “inconstant and complex”. That Stigma remains…

Nowadays it seems witches are merely a figment of our imagination, being cute on tv shows and sexy on Halloween night… But the reality is more complex than that…

The collective subconscious didn’t get rid of these wicked fantasies of “sorceress”, women are attributed a power of seduction than no man can resit (among many other things)… Men are merely dolls or “victims” in between our hands as they constantly fight back for their freedom in order not to get caught into our webs. However it seems to me that men are still predominantly the one pulling the strings when it comes to power, career and relationships. Quite an antipode I know…

As Malraux underlined it about Goya, for many men, woman remains “the descendant of the Genesis, the virtual witch, the possessed of an unknown world.” Eve enticed Adam to bite that damn apple and therefore provoked great suffering upon the human race. Isn’t that epic? When you look through history it’s incredible how men have simply been TERRIFIED of women. No wonder they’re still petrified in front of a confident and empowered woman.

I just think men attribute us way to much magical powers… I wish I could use this magic but without the all “Machiavellian” stigma attached to it.

Looks like my futuristic witch is enticing her boy via electricity and wire… Ain’t that alchemy!

till soon…


  1. Frank says:

    I love a confident and empowered woman. But that’s just me.

    Considering I’m a pagan, I find it amusing that women have been ‘linked’ to witchcraft. It happens from both genders. The question is, are you honest about what you desire? Or are you willing to reject your inner lusts? Too many do the latter, not enough do the former.

    • Dima says:

      I find interesting how defensive you got 😛 My point is it’s fascinating when looking back through history how much women sparked off polemics, fear and such because they represent temptation. It is imbued in the western culture even today and it does influence BOTH men and women’s behavior. So yeah, some women (and men) may not be honest with their desires which makes perfect sense when you look back at centuries of sexual restrictions…. And of course it doesn’t apply to everyone. But it’s interesting when you look at the origins to see how women were stigmatized with the entire world’s torments; Eve was responsible for the mortality of men (according to the old testament), the first woman indeed deprived human kind of immortality. I have tons of those examples… Lilith, Pandora, Medusa etc…

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