I was recently really moved by a song from Bjork’s latest album which urge the listener to recognize the sacrifice made by women for the sake of Love.
It seems biology compels females to sacrifice; to protect their young, their lover… Women sacrifice a lot out of love, sometimes even their pride and dignity…

Where is the line between dominant and dominated? When do you lose respect for your partner? Why? Being submitted to your love’s desires can be very conflicting. The fear to loose the respect from your Lover is frightening.
Women had to be submissive to men’s will for centuries. And even today the freedom we gain remain very fragile. How many times do women have to take insults, demeaning remarks etc… from their partners and just take them in. Men don’t even realize how hurtful they can be, they just instinctively want to be the “dominant” one.

I strongly believe in mutual respect but it’s been proven challenging to obtain…

Some people are capable to make great sacrifices out of love, some people are not.
Being capable of sharing intimacy and thinking of someone other than yourself is a great challenge for some… while natural for others.

Women give a lot, they are capable of lowering their pride out of Love. They give, they follow around, they dedicate themselves entirely just to get a minimum of appreciation from their lover.
Some people just aren’t worth the sacrifice…

Here is the song. The Lyrics say it all…

“Why can’t you give her room?
Respect her spatial needs.
I feel you compress her
Into a small space.

With clairvoyance,
She knew what you needed,
And she gave it to you.
Now her desires are repressed
Arrows in the flesh

When she found your love,
Her nature bowed her head
She surrendered,
She renounced the world for you,
Now she’s poisoned by demands
You cannot answer.

Why this sacrifice?
Now she regrets the whole thing,
A delayed reaction
When she left her craft voluntarily
For your nest, for your love.
Did you understand?

Build a bridge to her.
Initiate a touch
Before it’s too late,
Say the words to her
That will make her shine.

Tell her that you love her.

Your generosity will show
In the volume of her glow.”

till soon…


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