Weapon of Seduction

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Cyber Child
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Here is a detail from my latest work “Weapon of Seduction”. I won’t reveal the big picture, this one will go in the private collection!

detail from Weapon of SeductionThe war of the sex is still on, at least it seems. Women gain more liberties in the West, but in the rest of the world they still need to fight for basic rights. And even in the West,  the great woman’s emancipation  backfired under a sneaky “Slut-ization” of women.We came to an extreme where women go on demonstration to claim their “right” the dress like sluts, for the great pleasure of men. Did we really fight so long and hard to gain the right to lower ourselves to the level of whores? Or did we fight for something more noble like “equality”.

It would be great to be living in a world where women could wear whatever they want without being judged, unfortunately we are not living in that world.

Women’s purpose in life for centuries has been to use their body and assets as a Weapon of Seduction”. They still now instinctively repeat the same ritual that were implanted in their brain in order to “seduce, conquer and procreate”. It’s fascinating how some women manage to literally obtain whatever they want just by using their body and charm. But that’s a skill. And it’s a skill that should not be necessary.

No matter what, men still judge women on their sexuality and what they decide to do with it.

I’d like to believe men when they say they don’t care about whatever a girl they’re seeing did in the past or how many men she’s been with. But as much as they try not to, they do. It’s in their genes and instincts.

So even though things will evolve for the best, and I’m sure of it, women still need to be smart about what they can do, how, with whom and how much they should reveal about it.

After all what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.

Till soon…

– D

  1. philrollett says:

    Good post 🙂 interesting thoughts

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