Deep in the Snow

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Erotic Series
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Here is the latest illustration for LIAB; “Deep in the Snow”. It’s cold out there and all I want to do is stay in and paint… Today’s post will have special contributions from  Ashok Nayar.


“As the first flowers begin to bloom, and the sky begins to clear, I find myself musing on one of life’s most irrational of pursuits. Love. For what would man be without such a pursuit? The fulfillment of life comes with the completion of love, and the self-reflection of oneself in another. It is often the inherent insecurity of man that leads us to find humility in the most abstract feelings this obscure world has to offer. {…} For while love may be the greatest gift given to man, it is also, truly, our greatest sin.”

_ Ashok Nayar; “the Clarity of the Dark Night”.

Till soon!


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