“In psychology, Stockholm Syndrome is an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.”

Now… couldn’t that apply in any relationship? Except the captor is your lover? One can feel overwhelmed and martyred by a loved one, yet always find excuses to forgive his/her behavior. Could it be that someone that treats us to the point it drives us mad and hurts us can also provokes an irresistible attraction/pleasure?

“He makes me want to hurt myself again

Stocholm syndrome detail

Opposites attract. When Goods and Bads coexist they can complete each other, bringing to each something they lack. Or simply something new and different…

There is sometimes, something attractive about Evil in the eyes of a naturally naive person just like innocence is attractive to someone fundamentally mean.

There is also that intriguing correlation between pleasure and pain which might drive some individuals to be in “pleasantly painful” relationships. Despise the fact they know they’ll get hurt and disappointed, they cannot help but putting their heart and soul into the hands of their torturer, who will gladly squeeze it until it stops beating. Oh the irony!

I made this drawing and called it “Stockholm syndrome”. I tried a version with a background but I think I prefer the sharpness of the silhouette against a plain White background.

Stockholm Syndrome White bg

Stckholm Syndrome

Till soon…

  1. 5letters says:

    thats a great hot new bad ass – i love the characters u r coming up with lately.

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