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Today’s post feature a little poem from X.

_”On the rare day I forget you exist,
I breathe. I
can breathe.
Like that time I
shared with you the origin of the word
nightmare.  The woman, beautiful,
and naïve in her  own precious way,
drifts quietly to sleep
unaware, of the stallion
the beast on its way to her bedside.
Upon arrival, the Incubus, passenger
of said horse,  dismounts, and
following the undressing of the beautiful
woman, begins at once to consume her
Rape, cerebral.
Dreams interrupted, battered
by the gremlin on her chest, crushing
innards, breaking ribs and suckling.
Yet and still, she readies herself
night after night
with blush colored rouge
and bright pink lips.”


till soon…



Here is a Sample of some of the latest Polaroids, all made in a slate blue tone… I love that color. Slate blue is a warm blue, which is paradoxical for a cold color. I long for warmth in these arch winter times…

Blue slate reminds me of the summer time on this winter day.

“Vertigo; (from the Latin vertō “a whirling or spinning movement”) is a type of dizziness, where there is a feeling of motion when one is stationary. The symptoms are due to a dysfunction of the vestibular system in the inner ear. It is often associated with nausea and vomiting as well as difficulties standing or walking. There are three types of vertigo: objective; subjects, are moving around the patient. subjective; patient feels as if moving himself. Pseudovertigo; intensive sensation of rotation inside the patient’s head.”

There is a feeling of Vertigo taking over us sometimes when we’re being hold by someone we care about. The ground seems to open under your feet and you get the feeling you’re falling into a void. You’re filled up with doubts and questions you’re too scared to ask. It makes your head spin. Some of us maybe enjoy to much the darkness of it all, the thrill of the unknown… The excitement of uncertainty…
Human being are complicated.

till soon…

It’s sometimes easier to be rough and careless than to let yourself go into actual tenderness. Maybe out of fear to get hurt? Truth is, life is about taking risks. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it’s not. But we couldn’t go through life and expect to find happiness if we weren’t doing anything to try and reach it.

Some people make you happy, some make you sad, some make you mad. Some people make you feel all at once!

I worked on these Polaroids as snapshots and gave them a little bit of animation. I might do a few more set like these…

Till soon…
– D

Here is a detail from my latest work “Weapon of Seduction”. I won’t reveal the big picture, this one will go in the private collection!

detail from Weapon of SeductionThe war of the sex is still on, at least it seems. Women gain more liberties in the West, but in the rest of the world they still need to fight for basic rights. And even in the West,  the great woman’s emancipation  backfired under a sneaky “Slut-ization” of women.We came to an extreme where women go on demonstration to claim their “right” the dress like sluts, for the great pleasure of men. Did we really fight so long and hard to gain the right to lower ourselves to the level of whores? Or did we fight for something more noble like “equality”.

It would be great to be living in a world where women could wear whatever they want without being judged, unfortunately we are not living in that world.

Women’s purpose in life for centuries has been to use their body and assets as a Weapon of Seduction”. They still now instinctively repeat the same ritual that were implanted in their brain in order to “seduce, conquer and procreate”. It’s fascinating how some women manage to literally obtain whatever they want just by using their body and charm. But that’s a skill. And it’s a skill that should not be necessary.

No matter what, men still judge women on their sexuality and what they decide to do with it.

I’d like to believe men when they say they don’t care about whatever a girl they’re seeing did in the past or how many men she’s been with. But as much as they try not to, they do. It’s in their genes and instincts.

So even though things will evolve for the best, and I’m sure of it, women still need to be smart about what they can do, how, with whom and how much they should reveal about it.

After all what happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.

Till soon…

– D

Here is the latest illustration for LIAB; “Deep in the Snow”. It’s cold out there and all I want to do is stay in and paint… Today’s post will have special contributions from  Ashok Nayar.


“As the first flowers begin to bloom, and the sky begins to clear, I find myself musing on one of life’s most irrational of pursuits. Love. For what would man be without such a pursuit? The fulfillment of life comes with the completion of love, and the self-reflection of oneself in another. It is often the inherent insecurity of man that leads us to find humility in the most abstract feelings this obscure world has to offer. {…} For while love may be the greatest gift given to man, it is also, truly, our greatest sin.”

_ Ashok Nayar; “the Clarity of the Dark Night”.

Till soon!

“In psychology, Stockholm Syndrome is an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.”

Now… couldn’t that apply in any relationship? Except the captor is your lover? One can feel overwhelmed and martyred by a loved one, yet always find excuses to forgive his/her behavior. Could it be that someone that treats us to the point it drives us mad and hurts us can also provokes an irresistible attraction/pleasure?

“He makes me want to hurt myself again

Stocholm syndrome detail

Opposites attract. When Goods and Bads coexist they can complete each other, bringing to each something they lack. Or simply something new and different…

There is sometimes, something attractive about Evil in the eyes of a naturally naive person just like innocence is attractive to someone fundamentally mean.

There is also that intriguing correlation between pleasure and pain which might drive some individuals to be in “pleasantly painful” relationships. Despise the fact they know they’ll get hurt and disappointed, they cannot help but putting their heart and soul into the hands of their torturer, who will gladly squeeze it until it stops beating. Oh the irony!

I made this drawing and called it “Stockholm syndrome”. I tried a version with a background but I think I prefer the sharpness of the silhouette against a plain White background.

Stockholm Syndrome White bg

Stckholm Syndrome

Till soon…

While I was in Berlin in December I had the chance to meet up with my good friend Carolin whose work inspired me these Polaroids. You can check her photography work here.

It was on December the 16th I believe, a Friday… The weather was dreadful; snow started falling but melted as soon as it reached the ground. It made me feel moody and nostalgic. I took a train to a place I didn’t know and the wind nearly blew me away. And I can’t remember the day being bright, it was like a long cold night all day long… But meeting with my friend cheered me up and she showed me her work which I really love and find inspiring…

I actually have a picture from that day which proves that the sun was up at some point…

Till soon!