Kitten and Women

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Erotic Series
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Here are some misc of new Polaroids from diverse inspiration. I do currently foster kitties which has been a blast but really makes my mother instincts come out and I thought I could develop a bit on that in this post.

Having little creatures running around constantly asking for your attention is making you feel like a mom. There is a mother in every woman, and I feel the protective instinct women naturally have makes them behave sometimes as mother even in relationships. I mentioned in a old post how I felt one of my ex was behaving like a child, and still does come to me for reassurance and advices as if I were the voice of reason/ his mom. Freud said men always look for their mom in their partner… I think it’s partly true (Just like women look for their dad) but in a very unconscious way. For instance having personally a great father figure and a great brother figure I know I look for these qualities in my partners; Honesty, reliability, kindness, faithfulness, generosity… Which is difficult but at least I had good example to build myself upon. And not that all the qualities should be there but they are values I apply to myself as well. I was raised with a very traditional looking background, yet my parents are more open minded than most parents my friends grew up with. The simplicity of their values however helped them reach a certain balance in their relationship. I think people these days get too complicated sometimes… They want all and nothing.

These twos are just kinda random…

However and I discussed this with some girlfriend, there is something really tender abut being kissed on the forehead. And again I believe it’s partly because these are familiar gesture we know from our childhood. It’s a protective gesture, of someone that’s dear to you, subconscious or not…

This last one are based on photographs. Made in a blue tone. They value the women’s figure.

Till next time my loves….

  1. Huy says:

    Intriguing correlation often overlooked. The child in every adult; pairs well with the art allowing to make some very shocking advances of imagery — yet still a touch of innocence. (:

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