Posted: November 10, 2011 in Erotic Series
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Here is 3 new Polaroids inspired by the talented Karen Yessi Keenan; check her photos on facebook


I used an amber colored watercolor ink to taint the paper, giving it a warm nice glow. I love drawing female figures, their bodies are really beautiful as they are naturally, without artifices.

I don’t stress it enough apparently but I’m a TRUE romantic thus sensitive artist, and I find incredible that some men deduce that I’m some kind of nymphomaniac from looking at my drawings. BIG misconception…
A woman who is blossomed in her sexuality and shows it doesn’t mean she wants to get laid with the first guy she runs into. Far… From… It.
Women are I believe a bit more subtle than that. I cannot speak for everyone of course but from the discussion I had with women, we often agree that men and women have just a different vision of sexuality. Which is FINE! I simply think women need more subtleties than men do.

I always had an interest in erotic art in general, from “the Great Odalisque” painted by Ingres, Jean Leon Gerome’s slave market, to Gustave Courbet’s beginning of the world to Egon Schiele’s prostitutes… The feminine forms and sexuality is inspiring to create great art. Also because it stimulates the IMAGINATION.

till soon…


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