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Here are some misc of new Polaroids from diverse inspiration. I do currently foster kitties which has been a blast but really makes my mother instincts come out and I thought I could develop a bit on that in this post.

Having little creatures running around constantly asking for your attention is making you feel like a mom. There is a mother in every woman, and I feel the protective instinct women naturally have makes them behave sometimes as mother even in relationships. I mentioned in a old post how I felt one of my ex was behaving like a child, and still does come to me for reassurance and advices as if I were the voice of reason/ his mom. Freud said men always look for their mom in their partner… I think it’s partly true (Just like women look for their dad) but in a very unconscious way. For instance having personally a great father figure and a great brother figure I know I look for these qualities in my partners; Honesty, reliability, kindness, faithfulness, generosity… Which is difficult but at least I had good example to build myself upon. And not that all the qualities should be there but they are values I apply to myself as well. I was raised with a very traditional looking background, yet my parents are more open minded than most parents my friends grew up with. The simplicity of their values however helped them reach a certain balance in their relationship. I think people these days get too complicated sometimes… They want all and nothing.

These twos are just kinda random…

However and I discussed this with some girlfriend, there is something really tender abut being kissed on the forehead. And again I believe it’s partly because these are familiar gesture we know from our childhood. It’s a protective gesture, of someone that’s dear to you, subconscious or not…

This last one are based on photographs. Made in a blue tone. They value the women’s figure.

Till next time my loves….



Posted: November 10, 2011 in Erotic Series
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Here is 3 new Polaroids inspired by the talented Karen Yessi Keenan; check her photos on facebook


I used an amber colored watercolor ink to taint the paper, giving it a warm nice glow. I love drawing female figures, their bodies are really beautiful as they are naturally, without artifices.

I don’t stress it enough apparently but I’m a TRUE romantic thus sensitive artist, and I find incredible that some men deduce that I’m some kind of nymphomaniac from looking at my drawings. BIG misconception…
A woman who is blossomed in her sexuality and shows it doesn’t mean she wants to get laid with the first guy she runs into. Far… From… It.
Women are I believe a bit more subtle than that. I cannot speak for everyone of course but from the discussion I had with women, we often agree that men and women have just a different vision of sexuality. Which is FINE! I simply think women need more subtleties than men do.

I always had an interest in erotic art in general, from “the Great Odalisque” painted by Ingres, Jean Leon Gerome’s slave market, to Gustave Courbet’s beginning of the world to Egon Schiele’s prostitutes… The feminine forms and sexuality is inspiring to create great art. Also because it stimulates the IMAGINATION.

till soon…

It’s November First and here are some new sensual Polaroids, made especially for you.


We are feeling festive as we are entering Thanksgiving period and Xmass is right around the corner. These Polaroids were worked on as a set of 2 (Obviously) but could stand on there own. Either the lucky guy found twin sisters or they actually are the same person at a different period in time. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Time is a notion I like to explore in the project since it is often stretched out in order to realize our fantasies…
Passion, affection and tenderness rise from melancholia and nostalgia.

These next ones are entitled “Undressed” for obvious reason.


Some were based on Memory some other on Nan Goldin Pictures or Sculptures saw at the Museum. The source of my inspiration is vast! Whatever I can steal I take with pleasure…. I reinterpret the piece and make it my own.

till soon!