Here is another set of 4 in Yellow tones that could go along with my previous post but I wanted to tell a bit more about those…

I disposed it in such a way it looks like the guy on the lower left is looking or remembering what happened to him last night.

Some people provoke an incredible carnal desire within you, even when you’ve lost their sight for years. When you happen to be in the same room you’re back to that same sexual tension you had when you first met them. And that’s a whole lot of FUN! It’s a torturing fun but then again sometimes you get pleasure out of pain. I know that in these situations I get a pain in my stomach that usually prevents me from eating anything… I lose appetite and I can’t sleep well. It’s a good and bad feeling at once,

When a so called “friend” becomes the object of your desire it’s awfully confusing. Not that the person becomes “an object” but this is what dissociate them from friends; you usually do not desire you friends. You forget about everyone the time of a crazy little adventure you wish that you could prolongate in indefinite time… But then without a “deadline” that forces you to consume with avidity every minute as if it were the last one it wouldn’t be as bold, passionated and exciting. Or would it?! Something to think about…

Ah… have a good Sunday my sweets!

  1. davidrhales says:

    All of your artworks are great, very nice work. I like how you crop the image and compose to heighten the effect.

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