There is no Eroticism without shame ~ The wall

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Erotic Series
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Here is a set of 3 Polaroids from the series that I entitled “The Wall”. I have about 113 Polaroids now. I was really happy with how these came out especially because I had no picture reference for it.

“There is no Eroticism without shame”; men enjoy corrupting novice young girls… There is something incredibly exciting about someone discovering random new things with the ingenuity of a new born. Without inhibitions there is no eroticism, it would kill the excitement of crossing forbidden borders. The experience feels more intense when there are still unexplored territories. No matter how small they are, no matter how old you are.

This piece is about being locked in time, these few seconds that seems like never ending pauses, the boiling excitement of something new yet familiar. The shyness and the shame of succumbing to irresistible desires. The shame and fear of enjoying it too much.


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