Random Polaroids

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Erotic Series
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Here are some new Polaroids, I haven’t worked on them as a set like I usually do but as individuals.

I used Yellow for all this, to give it warmth and sensuality. I like to mix random head shots with intimate scene because in real life these moments actually coexist in an interesting way. One moment you’re out there hanging with friends, maybe knowing somebody is waiting for you after that. Or meanwhile some are hanging out and getting drunk some are getting their fix in a more sexy way. Either way socialization eventually leads to “protected” procreation.

The girl with the boots is a self portrait (A idealize self portrait of course) with my favorite boots! Like the song says; “I’m gonna walk all over you.”

This one was inspired by a google search picture, as random as that, but I really liked the composition of the picture.

These two are my favorite of the bunch, The one on the left was inspired by a picture of a lovely friend that is very dear to me, I always admire her optimism and she feels like a little sunshine. The one on the right was inspired by a Photo that reminded me of some event I won’t reveal in this post.

To be continued… kisses my sweets!


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