Polaroids Set in Red with a pinch of Nostalgia

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Erotic Series
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Roses are Red, and my heart is blue! here is a sneak peak at some of the latest Polaroids. I’m now up to 90.

This set was all imagined in reds, I took some pictures for reference and added some elements to the composition.
I had a stomachache for the past couple of days due to an submerging feeling of nostalgia. Some people still make you anxious and give you stomachache years down the line. Even when you can’t find much good to say about them. It’s neither bad or good sometimes but the fact is we feel something stronger than usual. At least it proves we can still feel something. Sometimes we feel like we’re being wrapped in a warm blanket and everything around us turns foggy and inaudible.
Some fantasies are hard to be clear in your head, it’s like missing someone you haven’t really met.
till soon my sweets…


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