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erotic watercolor

Purple Sexy watercolor polaroids

This set was made in a purple tone, which gives to the pictures a mysterious, feminine yet elegant feel. I wanted to give the impression that the set was taken in a row as we often do when in possession of something as fun as a Polaroid camera and that your lover happens to be under you claws. Spontaneous pictures are the best. It’s sweet, fun, and so damn sexy.

We have our main character Dima here enjoying her sugar. She sunks her teeth in the young flesh of her lover to trigger his dark side. Some people need a little push.

love, enjoy, live. ❤


Here is my latest baby, which will become a mural at a friend’s bachelor room. Girls will get jealous (or aroused) for sure…

No Man's Land

No Man's Land

NO MAN’S LAND because obviously no man is needed in this picture. The provocative look of the Redhead (I’m thinking of naming her Dima) implies that clearly no man should dare enter this territory. For no man is manly enough to really satisfy 3 beautiful women with an insatiable sexual appetite. Even though they’d like to be that man. Dima is pulling back, dominating the scene with the protective motherly instinct of a tigress. She looks at the staring man and says; “You’re not allowed here. Who needs you anyway?”
Modern women can be self sufficient.

love and hate all you want my sweets… ❤