Here is today’s Watercolor; Diseased, 21″X15″

This is a drawing that came from an early sketch. In this one I’m making different statements, notably one about stds.
Death is always floating above our heads. I feel it’s even more true when we have sex. Even though in these moment we tend to “lose our head” just like the guy on the picture. We however always have all these risks present in our subconscious; getting pregnant, therefore possible abortion, various stds, etc… things that are not sexy to talk about in a bedroom. Diseased is close to Deceased, unfortunately sex has consequences further and greater than the sudden animal impulsion that satisfies only for a short and ephemeral moment. Moments that make you forget it all, that’s why they’re so addictive.

  1. […] as Thanatos and the boy as Eros. Love and Death can be closely related as I developed it in a older post. The fear of loss, the fear of death, the lure of death. Love cannot exist without Death, they are […]

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