Death can be seductive

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Erotic Series
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Here is the first illustration for my erotic series!

This is NOT an allegory to suicide, quiet the contrary actually. Death can be seductive, it s said it can take many forms to lure us into it’s claws. As I wrote it in a prior post, we have all kind of heavy thoughts when we make love, including the risk of getting a deadly STD. We never talk about it the first time we have sex with someone because it’s unglamorous. And if not all STDs are deadly they sure are a mood killer when it comes to the bedroom. Death is also present trough the notion that in the unfortunate case you’d get pregnant, you may have to choose to get an abortion. Which is no fun to think of. But when we are in the bedroom fooling around, the sexual desire get sometime so strong that we forget everything around us, everything that was, everything that will be if we don’t remember to get a rubber. We tends to focus more on how to get that stupid dress/pants off.

I choose a monochromatic tone to make the drawing more dramatic and also because I wanted it to remain sketchy.


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